Basic Techniques Of Volleyball

Hellow Vollyballrule. Before we learn more details about the game of volleyball, let us first learn from things as simple as the basic techniques of volleyball. Basic volleyball techniques must be carefully studied in advance in order to be able to develop the quality of basic engineering feat voli.Penguasaan ball volleyball is one element that determines victory or defeat of a team in a game in addition to the elements of the physical, mental, and tactics.

Let us learn more about the basic techniques of volleyball, in general the basic techniques in volleyball is divided into four parts:
  1. Service 
  2. Passing 
  3. Smash 
  4. Block
The following detailed description of the description of the four basic techniques in volleyball :

A. Service

Beginning service only is the opening blow to begin a game, according to the progress of the game that the technical service currently only as the beginning of the game, but when viewed from the tactic has been to attack a team that started to gain value. 

service is blow the ball from behind the line beyond the end of the game field to the opponent's net

B. Passing

Passing the ball is pass down to their own friends in a squad with a particular technique, as a first step to preparing attack patterns to shift its development lawan.Dalam volleyball game requires accurate passing and skilled in order to have a good cooperation to win a game.

C. Smash is a major blow in the attack in an attempt to achieve victory. To achieve resounding success in doing this smash necessary high achievement and the ability to jump high. Smash will be achieved if the players master the basic techniques of other volleyball before a player can smash the existence of good passing. 

Smash is a technique that has complex motion consisting of : 
  1. Step prefix 
  2. repulsion to jump 
  3. Hit the ball as it floated in the air 
  4. When landing back after hitting ball
D. Blocking

Block is an effort to stem the attacks of the opponent. In doing block or dam, a player can do it alone (single block) or do the herd. To be able to perform in a net block and successfully takes a lot of practice and the ability harsh.

The stages do the blocking (Herrera Koesyanto, 2003: 42) 
  1. Hold a step to the right or to the left. 
  2. Jumped up with pedestal legs. 
  3. Move the hand and arm to control the ball. 
  4. It landed with two feet.
That's a little explanation of knowledge about basic volleyball techniques, for more details about the tactics and strategies as well as supplies more detail in a volleyball game I will explain in my next post. Hope you can help and increase your knowledge in developing volleyball.
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