Beach Volleyball Rule

Beach Volleyball Rule ~ Volleyballrule this occasion will explain for you about rule of beach volleyball, beach volley it's a amazing sport for me, i have play it every day, to increase our knowledge lets go volleyballrue will post anda explain abour rule of beach volley.

Instead of grieving on the state of the nation today or doing something like going to church, I went to the beach because it's hot, it's that end of summer and the Jose Cuervo Beach Volleyball Competition is underway at Huntington Beach, adjacent to the pier.

Beach volleyball is considered an important part of the local culture in many Southern California beach towns. Cities likeManhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Santa Barbara, and Huntington Beach maintain permanent poles and nets year-round.

In 1999, the FIVB standardized beach volleyball uniforms, with the swimsuit becoming the required uniform both for men and women. This drew the ire of some religious groups, who felt that the uniforms were more in keeping with "Rule 5" styles than general athletic uniforms.

According to FIVB rules, female beach volleyball players have the option of playing in shorts or a one-piece swimsuit. Most players, however, prefer the two-piece bikini.

Beach Volleyball has become one of the most popular sports at the Summer Olympics. In the past three Olympics, the American Women have taken home the gold medal. In 2012, they won gold and silver. I had hoped the superstar Olympic champs would show up at this game on Sunday, but I was told that they werehere on Saturday. (I was a day late)

The weather at 10 am was a balmy 75 degrees and though it warmed up later in the day, there was a cool off-ocean breeze.

And before you condemn me for posting up a Rule 5, I did not dedicate this post to the Cuervo Girls 'riding the lime'. It could be worse. The Cuervo Girls were there, but I didn't even think of pulling my camera out and shooting the video at the time. One might say that I was somewhat preoccupied. However this is roughly what it looked like last year:
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